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    Mainly produces a series of intermediate products based on naphthalene and benzene

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    Ultraviolet absorbent UV-9
    Synonyms Ultraviolet absorbent UV-9
    CAS NO 131-56-6
    Structural formula
    Molecular weight 228.24
    Molecular Formula C14H12O3

    Appearance:white or light green crystal powder
    Melting point: 62.0-65.0 ℃
    Loss on drying: ≤ 0.2%
    Content: ≥ 99.0%
    Heavy metal: ≤ 5ppm
    Ignition residue: <0.1%
    Mucedine: <100CFU
    Total number of bacterium: <300CFU, no checking salmonella and colibacillus
    Specific absorptivity(288nm): ≥ 630
    Nontoxicity: no thrill for skin.
    Packing:paper drum 25kg/ drum
    Storage: airproof and avoid light
    Use:it is wide ultraviolet absorbent. It has many features including notoriety, heat stability and others. It has protection function for PVC and unsaturated polyester
    Valid period:2 years

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